The Tavern Blawg is a combination gaming and entertainment and intellectual property law blog/”blawg.” A “blawg” is a law blog. The Tavern Blawg also has a video component, hosted at the Tavern Blawg Video Youtube channel (currently on hiatus because my potato of a computer died so I’m stuck playing only on mobile). The Tavern Blawg and Tavern Blawg Video are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to constitute attorney advertising or legal advice. Nicholas Weiss does not create any attorney-client relationships without a written agreement to do so. Unless otherwise indicated, all content is created by Nicholas Weiss, and owned by him. Please get permission before using any of the content herein. Thank you, and enjoy!


Nicholas “DeckTech” Weiss is a lifelong gamer and second-year attorney. He graduated from the University of San Diego, School of Law cum laude in 2014, and is admitted to the California Bar. While at USD, he took Media Law and other entertainment and intellectual property-related courses. He has assisted with copyright infringement, fair use, and right to publicity issues. He currently works at the employment defense firm, Gutierrez, Preciado and House, LLP as an associate attorney. GPH is not affiliated with The Tavern Blawg or Tavern Blawg Video, and all statements made in each are solely those of Nicholas Weiss.

Nicholas has also worked as a production assistant at an animation studio, and has designed a classic JRPG-style mobile game, currently in production. His current obsession is Hearthstone, which he has played since open beta. He has two accounts, is a two-time Legend with the main account, and ladders to at least Rank 5 every season. He also co-hosts a Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links podcast entitled “The Duel Assessment.”


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