Journey to Journey to Un’Goro

As most of my readers are certainly aware of by now, Hearthstone’s most recent expansion, Journey to Un’Goro, was released a couple weeks ago. Astute readers will note that I have not posted about the set (here at least) until now. Unfortunately, Un’Goro came at a very bad time for me: I have been on vacation since the day after release and, as is often the case, I spent the two weeks prior to vacation working double-time in order to finish all the work that would be due while I was out on vacation (don’t stay in school kids–being a lawyer is not all it’s cracked up to be). I helped out a bit at Blizzpro–helping the hard-working OtakuMZ with a pre-release rankings article, helping edit some of his other stuff, and writing a few other pieces of my own–but the end result was that I have barely had any time with the new set.

I find my lack of involvement in the early Un’Goro meta to be deeply dissatisfying. I’m the type of player who actually enjoys deckbuilding and shaping the metagame more than actual gameplay. The weeks before release are my favorite time to theorycraft; the weeks immediately after release are my favorite time to try to “crack” the metagame. I have missed it all, and now I need to wait another ~3 months for my favorite part of the game to return.

Luckily, Un’Goro introduced enough to the game that people seem to still figuring out the metagame to a certain extent. Hopefully, I can be more involved from this point forward. I’ll be playing a lot of the three classes I have yet to golden–Rogue, Hunter, and Priest–what are you all playing?


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