I’m Going Pro!

Blizzpro, that is. I’m EXTREMELY excited to announce something that’s been coming together over the last few days: I will henceforth be working with Blizzpro’s Hearthstone team!

As you should already be aware, Blizzpro is the premier Blizzard fansite, dedicated to bringing you news and other content on all of Blizzard’s games. Their Hearthstone team is dedicated to breaking Hearthstone news, providing deck and format analysis, and producing the amazing Well Met! podcast. They gave us the official Ravaging Ghoul spoiler, and have sent several former members to work at Blizzard. They are a great part of our community, and I’m honored to be working with them.

Here’s what you need to know:
– Blizzpro will remain your top source for Hearthstone news and other great Hearthstone content, including but not limited to the type of stuff I highlighted in my last post, but now I’ll be helping them do so;
– this Blawg will continue to host my personal experiences, thoughts, legal musings, etc.;
– sexy people will be checking both frequently.

I know that all your recent support of this blawg was part of the reason why they agreed to take me on. I really appreciate your role in helping me do more of what I love. Thank you all so much!


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